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Exploring Human and Environmental Health with Lynne Twist and Matt Riemann

September 16, 2016 | By Sophia Godkin

Can we change the trajectory of human and environmental health? Or is it too late?

The following is a guest post by Sophia Godkin, PhD. Sophia is a Health Psychologist at the Ultimate Human Foundation. Recently, the Ultimate Human Foundation partnered with Pachamama Alliance to host a webinar with Pachamama Alliance co-founders Lynne Twist, John Perkins, and thought leaders, John Gray, Matt Riemann, and Marci Shimoff.

In our recent once-in-a-lifetime webinar, Pachamama Alliance co-founders Lynne Twist and John Perkins, along with world-renowned experts in individual and collective health and happiness, Matt Riemann, Marci Shimoff, and John Gray divulged all that we need to know today about where our future and the future of Pachamama (Mother Earth) is headed. The conversation that transpired—well, it was definitely one for the record books!

Co-hosts Lynne Twist and Matt Riemann wowed us with a brilliant explanation of the truly synergistic relationship between us and Pachamama, from the very beginning of where problems arose to the place of solution we find ourselves in now.

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We are using 44% more resources than the Earth can regenerate, emphasized Lynne Twist. And although we are new on the scene relative to how long the Earth has existed, noted leading world expert on health and founder of the Ultimate Human Foundation Matt Riemann, the amount of impact we’ve had in this short span of time has been immense. We have lived off the land and in harmony with it for a long time, yet as we’ve gone on into today’s industrial era, we have endeavored to a pursuit of “the next big, exciting thing” without much consideration for the ramifications on our environment.

Our previous actions and their impact on the environment have been a natural part of our evolution and we are surely not to blame, Matt Riemann made clear. But we are to feel empowered. Why? Because as Lynne Twist so rightfully asserts—if we can cause it, then that immediately implies that we can undo it.

You are the ecosystem.

To begin enacting change in our environment, Matt Riemann explained, we must first understand and really embrace the notion that as humans, we are built to co-exist with the environment. We and she (Pachamama) are synergistic and share a lot of traits, even similar DNA and genes. We are here to care for and support one another.

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We must become a lot more conscious and aware of our behaviors if we are to truly take advantage of the position we are each currently in to make a large difference and really turn around the current state and future of humanity and of the environment. We are the best at consuming we’ve ever been, yet we are also the sickest, most depressed, and unhealthy we’ve ever been as a humanity.

As a society, we are just now starting to figure out that our health is actually 90%-95% of our health and disease states (heart disease, cancers, diabetes, and so on) are determined by our environment and our lifestyle—the foods we eat, the exercise we do and how we move, the environment and climate we spend our time in, our natural talents and flow states, the people and plants we interact with, how our mind works, everything that surrounds us, and importantly, how we perceive our environment and everything that surrounds us.

We need to understand that we are the ecosystem, and the diseases (whether obesity, diabetes, depression, fatigue, any kind of ill health) that are in the ecosystem called the human body are just part of the illness of the larger ecosystem of which we are a part. We need to look at and care for the ecosystem that is us and the ecosystem that is our environment to allow an integrated, shared ecosystem to emerge.

You are in the best position to recreate the future of humanity and of the environment

As John Gray, the world’s leading relationship expert and author of “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” so beautifully stated during the webinar, our dependence on the Earth and hers on us is the source of love by which we live. When we need something and she provides it, we feel deep appreciation for it. When she needs something and we provide it, there is also a deep felt appreciation. The key in this relationship is learning to listen—listen to the voice of mother nature, respect it, and respond to it.

The nation’s leading experts on happiness and a featured teacher in the film and book “The Secret,” Marci Shimoff, asserted that this much-needed process begins with taking responsibility. At the very foundation of our health and happiness is taking responsibility for it. The choices we make impact our own future and the future of life for many tens of thousands of years, and we now have the opportunity and the power to make a very meaningful difference via the choices we make every day.

The good news? The over consumptive system we’ve created is based on a perceived reality, emphasized John Perkins, co-founder of the Pachamama Alliance and author of the bestseller “Confessions of an Economic Hitman.” And the good news, he says, is that we can (and need to) look at the world differently. We need to see that we are interconnected with everything else. We are not separate from nature... we are part of nature. And that is the optimism with which we move forward into a future of health for both humanity and environment.

Let us move forward together. Watch the full program and take advantage of the exclusive special offer gifted by the Pachamama Alliance and the Ultimate Human Foundation to learn exactly what your body needs (at 70% off) to be healthy and happy. Act now—for the sake of the sustainability of all of life—ours and that of Pachamama. We thank you in advance.

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