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[VIDEO] GenUp Tells a New Story for the Younger Generation

March 22, 2012 | By Liliana M. Peliks

It’s an exciting time for our youth partner, Generation Waking Up! They’ve recently launched a new website, an updated version of their signature WakeUp Experience, and this new video on the story of today's younger generation.

You’re Invited to Collaborate with Generation Waking Up

This video is part of an updated version of the WakeUp curriculum, which has been redesigned to be an even more powerful and effective tool, bringing together the voices of dozens of young social change activists, artists, and entrepreneurs to answer the question, “Who are we as a generation and what will our legacy be?”

GenUp staff are eager to collaborate with the Pachamama community to share these tools with young people everywhere. An easy way to start is to share this new video on Facebook and Twitter, email it to your friends and family, or post it on your blog and newsletter!

Looking for a deeper level of engagement? Visit the Generation Waking Up website to learn more about the WakeUp and how you can get involved.

Visit the Generation Waking Up Website

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