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New Moon Action: Let Plants Be the Doorways to Creating a Sacred Relationship with the Earth

April 15, 2015 | By Kathleen Daley

Photo credit: Flickr user Simon Schlegl


With the New Moon on April 18, and the honoring of the Earth, our beloved Pachamama, on Earth Day (April 22), we have an opportunity to expand the ways we cherish and protect the Earth through our everyday connections with plants. Plants can be the doorway to cultivating a deeply personal and sacred relationship with the Earth.

For this month's New Moon Action, we invite you to learn more about our interconnected relationship with plants and the Earth by reading our e-guide,  Sacred Plants–A Gift from the Gods, written by John Perkins.

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Our Holistic Kinship with Plants

Understanding our physical, emotional, and spiritual interconnectedness with plants is key to perceiving their Divine nature and how essential plants are to human life on the Earth. While plants support our lives and well-being, we also support plants and help them to thrive.

What Plants Provide for Us

According to Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird, authors of The Secret Life of Plants, on the underside of every plant leaf a million movable lips are engaged in devouring carbon dioxide and expelling oxygen. Every day, 25 million square miles of leaf surface are engaged in the miracle of photosynthesis, producing oxygen and food for billions of humans.

Plant foods are the most abundant sources of nutrition on earth. The world’s food supply depends on about 150 plant species. Of those 150, just 12 plants provide three-quarters of the world’s food. In addition, only plants contain powerful substances called phytochemicals, which scientists are now discovering protect us from cancer, heart disease, and an array of other serious illnesses.

Furthermore, just being around plants is beneficial to us. Studies show that being around plants in the home and in the workplace increases memory retention and concentration. In particular, flowers greatly increase levels of positive energy, help people feel secure and relaxed, and greatly reduce stress-induced depression.

What We Provide to Plants

Luther Burbank (1849–1926) is considered to be the world’s most prolific and innovative horticulturist. He developed more than 800 new plant varieties, including the Shasta daisy, the Freestone peach, and the Russet potato, which is now the most prominent potato in the world.

Luther Burbank attributed his extraordinary success in developing new varieties of plants to the power of love that he expressed to his plants by telling them that he loved them and he would protect them. He claimed that his communication of love to his plants was a subtle kind of nourishment that made everything grow better and bear fruit more abundantly. Likewise, when plants talked to Luther Burbank, he showed his reverence and affection for them by listening to their messages.

Plants Possess the Wisdom of the Universe

We can learn from the studies of Luther Burbank and the wise shamans from all over the world that plants can be the doorways to the healing nature of the Earth and the universe. While Luther Burbank was a botanist and scientist who studied plants and learned from his experiments that plants respond to love and that they can teach us their secrets, tribal shamans have used sacred plants for thousands of years as powerful healers and to commune directly with the spirit of Pachamama.

The shamans teach that the sacred plants have been given to mankind by the gods and that they possess the wisdom of the universe. Like Luther Burbank, they believe that plants respond to and are motivated by love.

Sacred Plants—Gifts from the Gods

In his e-guide, Sacred Plants–A Gift from the Gods, best-selling author and co-founder of Pachamama Alliance, John Perkins, discusses how plants can also be vehicles of change—helping us to put aside assumptions so that we can be free to live more fulfilling lives.

In anticipation of the coming of the New Moon and Earth Day, we invite you to download this free e-guide to find out more about how plants can facilitate sacred experiences and deepen our connection to the Earth in our daily lives.

Download the E-guide

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