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Protecting the Lungs of the Earth

November 08, 2012 | By Alan Pierce

This image carries many underlying messages, but the text itself directly and powerfully reminds us of the importance of our relationship to Nature. Ultimately, the environmental degradation humanity inflicts upon the natural world contributes to suffocating the very life force that fuels a dynamic, healthy, thriving planet.

The need to preserve the world's rainforests and ensure the overall health of the planet is not just a moral obligation to the environment, but also an act of long-term self-preservation for humanity and the planet as a whole.

Realizing a Shared Vision

We live in a time of divergent values. On the one hand, there is a country like Bolivia which is making great strides for Rights of Nature within its borders. And yet right nearby, the country of Ecuador threatens to auction off millions of acres of untouched rainforest to oil interests.

At The Pachamama Alliance we believe firmly in Rights of Nature, viewing Nature as a living, breathing life force that is just as deserving of natural rights as every human being. In order to realize a relationship that allows the Earth to breathe fully, the human community must relearn how to coexist with each other and with the planet.

Embracing a Sacred Way of Being

This need for coexistence is why much of our work is grounded in the wisdom of indigenous cultures, cultures that continue to live in a sacred symbiosis with The Pachamama. To help preserve and protect the rainforests of the world, we must embrace and empower the indigenous peoples that embody these natural values.

At our Annual Luncheon we invite people like you from across the globe to attend the event online or in person, as allies with indigenous communities and Mother Earth. We invite you to participate in bringing about a world more dedicated to reestablishing a sacred relationship to Nature and creating a healthier planet for the following generations.

This year, the need has never been greater and our commitment has never been stronger. We hope you will join us in sharing this commitment to the thriving future of The Pachamama!

Discover Your Role At Our Annual Luncheon

Original Image by Conservation International


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