Rainforest Diaries

Rainforest Diaries is an email series that follows the exciting experiences of Pachamama Journeys Director Steve Torneten as he leads journeys of a lifetime into the Amazon Rainforest.

Journey Leader: Steve Torneten

What is it like in the Amazon?

Explore the enchanting mysteries of the Amazon rainforest through a curated slideshow of captivating images. Immerse yourself in the sights, sounds,...

Bonding with Indigenous Communities

Learn about how you can bond with Indigenous communities in the Amazon rainforest on a Pachamama Journey. Join Steve in the heart of the forest.

Animal Sightings on the River

Discover the incredible animal sightings on the river during a rainforest adventure in the Amazon, including pink river dolphins, capybaras, and...

The Jungle is Alive with Medicine

Discover the healing powers of the jungle in our latest rainforest adventure. Follow us as we explore the world of plant medicine with a local shaman.

Interpreting Dreams with the Achuar

Join us on a journey through the Amazon rainforest as we participate in daily Guayusa ceremonies and interpret our dreams for the day ahead. Don't...

Discovering the Giant Kapok

Explore the Amazon rainforest with Steve and discover the magnificent kapok tree, home to many species. Join us on an adventure through the jungle.

Waterfal Purification Ceremony

Join us on a journey deep into the Amazon rainforest for a sacred waterfall purification ceremony with the Achuar tribe. Experience a revitalizing...

Is it dangerous in the Amazon?

Is the Amazon dangerous? Read about the ecosystem with snakes, jaguars, and insects. Discover why visiting the region is totally safe. Join Steve in...