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[VIDEO] Asking Children: What Does it Mean to Be Green?

January 13, 2013 | By Alan Pierce

This short video captures the essence of Rana DiOrio's children's book titled What Does it Mean to Be Green?, an illustrated narrative about the importance of sustainable values.

Complete with little known facts such as the average amount of miles food travels before ending up on your plate, or the amount of cars that one bus-full of people takes off the road, children's books such as these offer valuable tools for sustainable education.

Teaching Values for a Thriving Planet

Much of our work here at The Pachamama Alliance revolves around educating and inspiring the modern world to wake up to the reality of current environmental issues, and to do something about them. An important part of this work is of course reaching out to the next generation.

The toddlers you hear in this video are tomorrow's political leaders and business owners, activists and teachers, fathers and mothers, and environmental stewards of the Earth.

Thus, today's adults have the wonderful opportunity and sacred responsibility of instilling in these children values of a sustainable and just planet. In this way, these values may be brought to fruition by a generation of pupils collectively wiser and better prepared than their forebears.

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