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[VIDEO] Jellyfish Lake: A Vision of Symbiotic Splendor

September 25, 2012 | By Alan Pierce

In this surreal swim through Jellyfish Lake on Eli Malk island in the Republic of Palau, Sarosh Jacob immerses himself in the daily migration of the golden jellyfish.

These remarkable creatures, mostly harmless to humans, rely on the delicate symbiosis of their ecosystem, and the daily rotation of the earth, to survive and flourish in their isolated marine environment.

Every Life Is Important in an Ecosystem

Jellyfish Lake offers a valuable glimpse at the effortless capacity, and necessity, for coexistence in Nature. Every morning, these golden jellyfish begin a daily migration following the movement of the sun across the sky, from the eastern to the western shores of the lake.

Little organisms living symbiotically in the jellyfish tissue process the sun's rays, and the byproduct of this photosynthesis in turn provides life-sustaining energy for the jelly on its daily commute.

Apart from the survival of these two life forms, the daily passage plays a vital role in the health of the overall environment. Steady water movement from the massive migration stirs up a swirling current in the otherwise isolated lake, mixing up nutrients and other small organisms that are an essential part of the lower food chain.

The slightest change in air and lake temperature causes the tissue riding organisms to perish, with the jellyfish soon to follow.

Interdependence From the Eye of the Jellyfish

More than just an example of Nature's remarkable balancing act, the ongoing symbiotic flow of Jellyfish Lake is a microcosm of the macrocosm played out on a global scale every day.

As the self-imposed dominant species on this planet, we humans have a great responsibility to recognize the repercussions of every act, no matter how seemingly insignificant, and an even greater need to embrace Nature's example of enduring, sustainable interdependence.

Embody the Harmony that Surrounds Us

At The Pachamama Alliance we seek to empower individuals and communities to embody the ecological harmony that surrounds us, and to realize our shared innate desire for the continued flourishing of all life as a living, breathing whole.

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