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[VIDEO] What Are Conditioned Tendencies in Somatics?

May 21, 2013 | By Mario Bourzac

Somatic Practices and Somatic Transformation are two components of the work of Generative Somatics that focus on behavior. In the video above, Staci K. Haines, Executive Director of Generative Somatics/Strozzi Institute, discusses Conditioned Tendencies: what they are, where they come from, and how they can be changed.

But what are conditioned tendencies according to Somatics? Conditioned tendencies are habitual behaviors produced in response to a stress inducing stimuli, i.e anything that makes you upset. According to the principles of Generative Somatics, these behaviors are formed in each of the six sites of shaping for social transformation.

  1. Individual
  2. Family / Intimate Network
  3. Community
  4. Institution
  5. Social Norms / Historical Forces
  6. Spirit / Landscape

By identifying where these behaviors come from, efforts can be made to change them. Additionally, this knowledge also makes us aware that we are not limited to what we have learned, and that there are more options available.

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