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[VIDEO] What Would it be Like to Live Your Life as a Work of Art?

January 22, 2013 | By Alan Pierce

In part one of a series on "The Awakened Life," internationally renowned author and motivational speaker Wayne Dyer offers intriguing insight into redefining how we define ourselves as human beings.

He tell us that many in the modern world define themselves and their success through a number of ultimately "artificial" markers like income, occupation, accumulation of things, triumph over competitors, etc.

Dyer challenges this perspective by asking what would happen if we shifted this perspective and instead approached our goals in life like an artist views an empty canvas, understanding that we all have an inner agency and capability to mold who we are, who we want to be, and the legacy we'll leave behind.

Ultimately, it is our inner work that defines us in an enduring way, not the transient external markers that come and go.

Awakening to the Possibilities

Dyer's call for self-empowerment and creative self-exploration resonates with the values we strive to embody here at The Pachamama Alliance. While we work to maintain this ideal in all of our initiatives, we also work very hard to awaken that inspiration in all of you as well.

Our symposiums and workshops, and life-changing Pachamama Journeys, aren't just educational programs that provide information or fleeting experiences.

Much of their enduring transformative power is found in their call to you, the participant, to deeply engage with who you are and who you want to be as a human being living with an inspired purpose on this planet.

This call to empowered individual action affirms the unique contribution every person has to offer, and encourages a creative commitment to the masterpiece of art that is your life, and the impactful legacy it will leave behind.

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