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Cecily Montgomery

Cecily is a summer intern for the marketing and communications department. Her work includes brainstorming social media ideas with the team and writing blogs for the Pachamama Alliance website. She was drawn to Pachamama Alliance after taking a gap year in Ecuador between high school and college. There, she lived with a host family, worked on a chocolate farm, taught at an elementary school, and traveled the country. After this experience she wanted to stay connected to Ecuador as well as work with human and environmental rights, which is how she found the Pachamama Alliance. In fall, 2015, Cecily will enter her sophomore year at Tulane University where she is majoring in political science and international development and minoring in Spanish. After graduating she hopes to work for an organization that will give her the opportunity to travel back to Latin America. In her spare time Cecily enjoys running, geocashing, and baking. She is also a member of the Tulane quidditch team.


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